Dirty Money (Skit)

Tory Lanez


Big Homie: Alright they one block over straight to the left, the house to the left, we get over here we gonna lay shit down, oh yea and you two niggas in the back. Y’all better be shooting
Fargo: Yo shut the fuck up
Big Homie: Fargo you ready? Alright lets get it then
Fargo: Come on man i do this shit man
Big Homie: Stop right here nigga
Fargo: Ay nigga what’s happening
Nyce: What’s happening
Fargo: Holy fuck shit, Ay y’all niggas good?
Nyce: Ya nigga
Big Homie: I’m good, I’m good oh fuck
Fargo: I ain’t gon’ lie nigga, we got them niggas, but y’all niggas gotta feel some type of way about this shit
Big Homie: This nigga
Nyce: We do this shit everyday
Fargo: You tripping nigga
Nyce: My nigga you tripping nigga fuck that
Fargo: Thats the problem right there dawg, nigga its-its like i love the set just like you do, but at some point in life nigga, i gotta leave this shit alone
Tory: I know i was in to deep, things was just getting out of control. My lifestyle it was creating a conflict between my girl and my music. At that point i had to let some things go and learn to love from a distance

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