Tory Lanez



Look nigga, I’ve been this way, since them niggas loaded up them shotgun shells and shot my older cousin Nessa all in his face
Fuck niggas talkin’, my teachers called me a disgrace
Had to pull up on ’em last weekend in the big Wraith
I sold work on sick days and ripped Js
I spent days tryna duck the ricochets
‘Cause we were tryna figure which clique played with the shooter
Nowadays you boys just tryna figure who click play
I made bitches and made niggas, y’all boys just bitch made niggas
I flip it like a swiss, switchblade, nigga
Fuck around with me, come run the town with me
I do it for my dogs and niggas that’s down with me
He spent around 50 tryna look like us, tryna flex with some bottoms, but let’s address it proper
I mean, I find it funny they give me the same bundle without spendin’ money, they just give it to me, ’cause I’m poppin’
More honesty and less lies
Skirted the McLaren off the lot, shit, I bought it as a test drive
I took the jet for the fuckin’ 110th time
Hoping that I don’t go out like Aaliyah or a Left Eye
Shit, I’m the greatest, I’m the people’s favorite
Thanks to God’s graces, I been number one in all these peoples’ faces
So amazing how I made it from the mazes and the phases change faces, but I’m back to being basic
How many years am I gon’ spend being famous?
Actin’ like I’m normal, like I don’t realize I made it, like I don’t realize I’m famous
Like I don’t realize every time I walk around the city, they look at me like the greatest
All-time hated nigga, put me in your playlist
Trunk on the front of McLaren’s that need a waitlist
So when I back, back, I’m frontin’ on fuck niggas, that told me I’ll never made it, in my Audemar Piguet wrist
I hop the plane in sweats and the Bathing Ape kicks, 50 pointer bracelets, man’s best fragrance
I’m still ballin’, these foul niggas is still flagrant
I ain’t got no business talkin’, just a bill statement
See the lights from a far away
I still feel close on the nights when I’m far away
I comin’ home, workin’ at nights to a hard day
Tryin’ to avoid nights in the hallway sellin’ hard ye
Back when you was hip-hoppin’ and watchin’ Kanye
I was coach hoppin’ and sleepin’ inside a Hyundai
Made bands out of any floor, at your mom place
Tryna duck the crime rate, where the fuck was my mindstate?
I cry real tears thinkin’ bout my mom face
If she was here, I’m thinkin’, what would my mom say?
She’d say, I’m well-accomplished, she’d say I really did it
She said don’t let her settle for no penny pincher
I, will not lose, no, I refuse niggas
I, 2 plus 2 niggas, I school niggas
She wanna get high, fuck with a cool nigga
48 floors, check out my view nigga
Uh, I already know the outcome
I may have fucked it up with Nicki right before this album
My ex on me like Malcolm, she know we can’t be together
But still be askin’ me, “How come?” I know the shit crazy
My life upgraded and I ain’t going backwards
Closest thing going backwards is me rollin’ Backwoods
Lookin’ at you niggas like there’s no more factors
Until the story over like there’s no more chapters

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