Feel Alive

Tory Lanez



This some real shit
Know what I’m saying, it’s like I can’t even
I can’t even like, Just fuck it
You’ll hear it in the verse
Uh, yea
Got me fucked up
Uhh, uhh

Verse 1

Swear it kill me when I see you with that other dude
I feel confused cause I can never find another you
But shit, your lover had me sicker than a sudden flu
I play the horns for you baby, like them truckers do
Shit, your new man, he a buster too
So if he talk, tell him Lanez said what the fuck he do
I know it’s been a couple years, he’s still in love with you
Got me jumping off a cliff without the Huxtables
And all that bullshit, baby, it just sets me back
I know I fucked up, but that ain’t how you get me back
C’mon, baby, that ain’t nothing but wrong, baby
Can’t say it too your face so I’m making this song baby
This shit is extra hard, You did me extra raw
I say it clear with no punchlines or metaphors
I never had the time, a new man you vibe
Wish I could rewind the hands of time


It’s like I can’t even
Can’t even really express the next verse
It’s just like, fuck it
I ain’t even gon’ do it
I sing straight, look
It’s kinda hard saying shit to ya face
So I do it over snares and bass
It’s hard saying shit to ya face
So I do it over snares and bass
It’s Lanez

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