Hate Freestyle

Tory Lanez



‘Bout 2AM, get it in
Yeah, ugh, Torymix
I’m in my zone bitch
Torymix, ahh
I don’t even use auto-tune, that’s the funny thing, yeah


Look, nigga I’m ballin’, bitches, Spalding
This is the flyest nigga spittin’
With the widest bitches
You ain’t ever a nigga have all of this shit
I got no stress, your chick, no chest
I make cheese in the process
She watch, Rolex, ugh
Um, I’ma get-get money
All you hater niggas better get-get from me
I could take all of your bitches with this money
I’ma killer, I’ma sadistic with this honey
Yeah, cool


from the south
Y’all trash nigga, Oscar the grouch
I could take your skeeze, put her on her knees
Stand on a stool then pull drop in her mouth
Say your girl wack, I’m an asshole
What can I say? I’ma Mac, no Apple
River money, you can call a nigga cash flow
I be slammin’ on your girl, no backbone
Uh-uh and my gang so tight
Nigga lames, need shades, so bright
Lately I’m gettin’ paid so right
Swallow the balls, give her brains all night
Uh-um, you can run inside your city
I’m on but I’m not Drake
Get the


outta my face
With that little brother shit
I am who she


with tonight, and it’s bedtime
I will never stop, I don’t see any red light
Wait, wait, let me catch the beat back
Y’all ain’t gotta look inside


to see tracks
Y’all ain’t need an MCD to relapse


already won, I’ma do my relapse
Sleepin’ on haters, I gotta relax
I ain’t give a


what you thought ’bout me back
When I was nothin’
If I ain’t high then I bust somethin’, oh wait
Wait, lemme let this bitch breath


I’m done with this shit
I freestyle better than your writtens
All your shit’s bitten
And if you talk shit I’ma hit you with that Smith and
Tray what up?
Mixtape comin’ out in like a month or so
And this is nothin’, I eat up these beats
Easily, I mean easily
Niggas ain’t seen me, yeah

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