High (Skit)

Tory Lanez


Tory’s Girlfriend: Here we go around with this shit his phone is always ringing, so sick of this shit
Tory: Yo whats up bro?
Big Homie: Yo Fargo
Tory: What’s the deal?
Big Homie: Yo i need you to pull up to the set asap
Tory: Shit nigga I’m with my shawty, right now though, i can’t call you back?
Tory’s Girlfriend: Uh Yes
Big Homie: Nah that’s gonna have to wait, you remember that house y’all hit up on the East side?
Tory: Shit yea, Chino’s crib what about it .. shit fuck..
Big Homie: Ya, them niggas came to the block and shot the little homie up, so we need you to pull up to the set, right now
Tory’s Girlfriend: Yo what does that have to do with you? Like can’t they do anything on their own? …. shit
Tory: Shit, look bro, niggas wasn’t tryna make nobody get hurt out this mo’fucker, we went to the house on though, we hit the house that shit ain’t go right my nigga. I got out of it one time I told y’all niggas I’m tryna do this music shit, why the fuck ima bring myself right back into this shit?
Big Homie: Music? Nigga fuck music
Tory’s Girlfriend: Just hang up on that nigga
Big Homie: Look nigga, you either pull up to the block come see us, or we gonna come see you. You choose
Tory: Shit nigga.. Man i gotta go
Tory’s Girlfriend: Nah, you ain’t going no where, like your not, your not

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