I Got the Keys

Tory Lanez



You know sometimes I get mad at these niggas
Until I call my bank teller and she read me the balance
Let these niggas know I’m ’bout to fuck this shit up


My dawg just caught a case, he can’t be free
‘Til you bought the Wraith, it can’t be me
Pop the lock, the safe, I made the key
Out here dodgin’ jakes, pray for me
Only rock the J’s and Maple Leafs
Only stock I got to pay is me
All the songs are paid in straight to me
Y’all think the shit I say is free
Please nigga, I be ballin’
The Benz sprinter like a fuckin’ room
Dog big enough to fit you all in
Been goin’ hard since H.A.R.D. even got started
If y’all heard I’m with a dark bitch
And a nigga want another ring dog
And I swear this shit is just LeBron lit
Please my nigga, they lock it and I got the keys, my nigga
The twenty, fifty, hundred, money machine, my nigga
Just ease, my nigga, just
Yeah, my chick is so foreign that her and her luggage is gon’ need a visa, nigga
I come from the streets and look at the life that I lead, my nigga
Yeah, even little Ray is getting pesos
Jewish lawyer get the case closed
Too much cake up in the bankrolls
Gettin’ money like a scam, my nigga
That just shit a check up outta Chase though
And hit another BOA, that was like ten years and a day old
Yeah, the quicker we kill ’em, the quicker my niggas is in though
Yeah, if I like her, I’ll fly her to fuck in the city I’m in though
Rolls Royce, gave her no choice, all of you bitches get in though
And all of you bitches gon’ tell me that you fuckin’ before this iPhone pin fall
Hit it like I’m playin’ pinball
Fuck her ’til I make her wig fall
Forgiato got me sitting tall
Money longer than any item that you can find at a ‘Big & Tall’
Why you went and got the clique involved?
Now this shit will never get resolved
Man, fuck it, now this shit is off
Niggas’ll park at a Timmy’s and trap out a motherfucker
We buyin’ coffee every hour so they don’t kick us right back out that motherfucker
We back to back out that motherfucker
And we back to back with the stallions
And we white on white with the coupe and brick
But we black on black on medallions, it’s on
Like way out in London they callin’ me fam
I’m killin’ all the competition, nigga
Yeah, and they goin’ hard as they can
Sweatin’ all in they practice, I ain’t even hopped out the van
My heart feels like it’s so dark dawg, I gotta call it a tan
Man, shawty she gave me the pussy was good and I had to call up my mans
Normally I never do that, but I had to call up my mans
See, I had to run up the bands
See, I was the one in the stands
Shorty, she shitted on me
When I see her, I know I’ma come in the Lamb now
It’s Fargo, car go, Murcié-lago
Fuck that, I had that, crashed that Gallardo
Find me, I’m Waldo, I’m here for bread, what are y’all for?
Just to say you don’t pop molly, when none of y’all rock Tom Ford?
My swag different, jet lag different
I dated Trina if you wanna talk bad bitches
Bought the Wraith, no album out
Niggas know what the outcome ’bout
Drop head and the south come out
Head drops all out my house
X wasn’t my last name, rather keep my Malcolm out
Ain’t gon’ lie, she a super freak
She a super beast when that mouth come out
Fresh to death, I’m R.I.P., had to give the swag mouth to mouth
She just ripped the tag out the couch
I just kicked her back out the house
LOMO logo, had to fuck her with a GoPro
Keep this shit, leak this shit, that’s what we call promo
All the shooters, they in go mode
Me, I’m pullin’ in a foreign bro
All the shooters, they in Volvos
Rollin’ up and smoking Marlboros up
Yeah, they don’t like me, but they gon’ respect me
Yeah, they don’t like me, but can’t no one check me
Yeah, ’cause I got it on my own, nigga
So it’s motherfuck the poor niggas


They ain’t gon’ like me though
Hey Hobby, tell them niggas I’m goin’ for ten
Ten-million, nigga

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