I’m Gone Have It (Interlude)

Tory Lanez



Kid 1: If I had me a million dollars, I get me a Porsche 959
Kid 2: I get me a sports car like a Jaguar
Kid 3: Damn, I get me a Ferrari Testarossa with V12 engine. Get me a Porsche 930, straight 6 turbo engine. Get me a Vector B12, twin turbo. Go from 0 to 60 in 7.8 seconds. So don’t even talk
Kid 4: Yeah but who cares ’cause you ain’t never gon’ have a million dollars anyway
Kid 3: I will to
Kid 4: Who’s trippin’ now?
Kid 3: Ain’t nobody trippin’. I’m gon’ have it. Someday, I’m gon’ have it

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