Jalissa’s Intro

Tory Lanez


Stevie Wonder’s “My Cherie Amour” playing in the background

Guy 1: I know you ain’t over there tryna holla at Jalissa, nigga. I know you ain’t –
Tory: Ayo Jalissa
Guy 1: You a dub
Tory: Talk to me, talk to me, baby
Guy 1: Bro, you need to quit it, bro like she dissed you again, bro
Tory: Shit, she won’t ever talk to me, my nigga
Guy 1: Duh
Tory: Every time she come off the bus and just don’t say nothin’ to me, no matter what I do. Know what, shit, I wrote these songs for her, right?
Guy 1: Man, get the fuck outta here
Tory: I’ma give her this tape
Guy 1: What tape?
Tory: She gon’ love me
Guy 1: You and your lil shit
Tory: And you know what happen after she love me?
Guy 1: What?
Tory: I’ma get to them panties. You know what I’m sayin’, y’all can doubt, I’ma get her, I’ma get her, I’ma get her

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