Love Come Down Freestyle

Tory Lanez



Flocka dive baby (Flocka dive baby)
Ay Chris they knew we was comin’ for this one right?
Hahaha, yeah


what it is nigga, ahuh
Ah (Ah)
Ahuh (Ahuh)
It’s definitely a flock year baby
It’s the flock years baby


They call me T-Ella man
Girls send a rela-bad
Bet I make you dame, gimme brain like a telepath
Young hella fast, bet I break your love down
You need Tory like water when you bustdown
Please mami, nah I ain’t tryna be cuffed down


fresh than ever, homie your lucks down
And still niggas feelin’ high when they bustdown
So if you ain’t like me then I don’t give a


Sick switch and we sippin’ Celine Dion
Niggas stack green, the color of green Creon
Bright road chains and jeans is bright neon
That is that shit you’ll never see me on
I’m like a young Money, young Gunna, young Sammy
On blunt roll, let a ho take none from me
Dun-dunny better kill me when you come for me
If you don’t you’ll be in a hole like Bugs Bunny


sunny, this a room full of hoes
Weed sense, smellin’ like a room full of O’s (Yeah)
Me and your girl in a room on the low
And my smoke in my lungs leave room for my nose
I spit truth tho’ so I hope you know
I’ma take your girl on the search, no Google
Yip, I’m ’bout my chips like Bugle
Money, money, money, I am everywhere that you go


I’ll behave, I’ll behave
Hey I told you I was comin’ for it man
Flock or die you dumb ho

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