Mr. Peterson (Intro)

Tory Lanez



Now, Mr. Peterson, this is no ordinary classroom we’re talkin’ about You see, this is classroom 105
Now I’m warnin’ you, some of these students are not right in their minds
You see, these were the kids who couldn’t pay attention in class because they were too busy drawin’ or writin’ lyrics in their song books
With you bein’ the substitute teacher, Mr. Peterson, I can’t lie to you, these kids are lookin’ for a show

Verse 1

Soon as my sneakers hit the tile of the classroom
I am your latest teacher, this is past due
Mr. Class Clown, boy, sit your ass down
I am not issuin’ hall passes for the bathroom
Mr. Peterson is teachin’ this
So much soul brother, I’m preachin’ it, leadin’ it
Students like, “Oh, oh, he’s so secretive”
Even secretaries couldn’t tell me what my secret is
My first lesson is maneuver shit
I’m so fly, I need a stewardess for jewels to fit
So if you got the new, I know I got the newer-ish
And I don’t even shit on them, it’s manure, bitch
My flockin’ brains on planet Mars
I ride the beat like wheels with some handle bars
My flow iller than a man with a can of sauce
It’s Mr. Peterson, baby, I am in charge
Juicin’ this music, am I confusin’ your students?
‘Cause I don’t want to, I just want you to get through when you do it
Movin’ through, doin’ your schoolin’, coolin’ with friends that you cool with
You sure would love with this music, it’s like aruga from Cupid
They screamin’ man on fire, red so hot that
The children wanna die that my hands on fire
This the best of me and I can’t call Maya
12 for the rims, suckers can’t ball higher
I’m goin’ too hard
I swear my students say recordin’ is my job, they mock me foolish lately
Call me a slob, that’s what they used to say
But now you ain’t even got a choice, gotta get used to me
It’s Mr. Peterson, I’m so gone, I’m so gone, I’m so gone
I’m outta here


Lately, I been tired of loving
So cold, so cold, so cold
Lately, I been tired of loving
So cold, so cold, so cold


Said it’s the Mr. Peterson
It’s the Mr. Peterson
I’m so motherflockin’ go
We outta here, baby
We outta here, baby, woah
We outta here, baby
We outta here, baby
We outta here, baby
We outta here, baby

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