Niggas Talk (Skit)

Tory Lanez



Tory’s Friend: Yo yo, Fargo
Tory: Hello
Tory’s Friend: Ayo, Fargo
Tory: What’s good, man
Tory’s Friend: Yo I got some news for you boy, you not gon’ believe this shit, my nigga
Tory: What the fuck you got to say to me?
Tory’s Friend: Aye so you remember Tash Junior right? Remember that one joint that was winin’ and dinin’, yeah, yeah
Tory: Make it to the motherfuckin’ point, man
Tory’s Friend: Aight aight, my nigga, chill chill. Aight she be hangin’ with Jalissa, Jalissa friend with Keis, and Keisha found out that she was fuckin’ with Jalissa
Tory: Where you goin’ with this shit?
Tory’s Friend: Basically they tryina set you up my brother, Tryna keep it G with you, you part of the brotherhood
Tory: That’s what the fuck you called my phone for, my nigga?
Tory’s Friend: Ay, don’t shoot the messenger, my nigga. I’m just tryna be a good Samaritan and tell your ass. I could be a fuck nigga, right now, my nigga, by not tellin’ you nothin’
Tory: Man, I appreciate it, man, shit
Tory’s Friend: What you need to do, my nigga is go outside, nigga, get a bitch, nigga, get something, nigga, go cheat or something like Keisha said

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