Outro (Mr. Peterson)

Tory Lanez



Now Mr. Peterson, this is completely phenomenal. You know, I’ve never seen such a transformation in my life. Now, you know, you come in here with your wip-de-doo and your Nike shoes and you know, I mean, I’m not gonna lie, I wasn’t a believer. This is a fiasco of epic proportions. I mean, for lack of words, I mean, this is fuckin’ amazin’. I mean, I’m just gettin’ pumped by just watchin’, you know? It’s like, it’s like. I mean Shanaenae’s finally got her math equations done. You know, Jay’s finally got it easy, he’s answerin’ questions in class. And even that other guy down the street, what’s his name? Tyrone? Well uh, Tyrone’s finally comin’ up to the chalkboard. And you know, this is just, we’ve never seen this at all in our schools before and I just wanna say Mr. Peterson. You know, throughout the whole dopeness that you’re bringin’ and everythin’, I mean, it’s been a pleasure sir. It’s been a real pleasure

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