Tory Lanez


Verse 1

Think I been fuckin’ you for way too long, let’s call it quits, oh baby
We been doin’ this shit too long, I think that shit’s so crazy
20, 30 minutes in this bathroom stall
Face is in this mirror, your legs is at the wall
At the wall, drunk up off this alcohol
Be my Cinderella, shawty, leave your feelings at the ball
I mean after all, I’m just saying after all
When we get this faded who the fuck gon’ take them panties off?


It ain’t no one but me
It ain’t no one

Verse 2

And fuck them candles, let’s do this shit gangsta
Do you in this room and show you I’m truly a gangsta
Pardon my manners, I usually thank ya
But you in here usin’ a nigga and dammit you doin your thing, yeah
Get your back up off that pole and drop it
While I strip you like you dancin’ on that pole for profit
We do it like an uncut version, girl
I’ma do you like an untouched virgin, girl


It ain’t no one but me
It ain’t no one, but me, oh no
Only for me
Only for me

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