Return of the G

Tory Lanez



Uh, it’s the return of the G
Bitch, don’t get it twisted ’cause a nigga out here singin’, I’ll just split you in yo shit
Pilin’ money to the ceilin’, I can’t fuck with no bitch
Since a bitch fucked up my business, now I’m stuck with a lick
Gettin’ riches like the sweetest joy next to gettin’ pussy
But the pussy was my sweetest joy, then I done caught a bullet
Nigga, let’s get rich and fuck these bitches when they come
I’m grippin’ .5, thinkin’ ’bout these niggas switchin’ sides
Gettin’ high just to ease the pain
When all of your people done changed
The same people that claimed to bang
Once you do whatever things you do you gave it to this game
Well change the thoughts and minds that niggas is fakin’ this
Makin’ in line and makin’ ’em wanna get all on yo side, my God
Protect my soul through all this madness
Have these contradictions, all these demons talkin’ fictions
Talkin’ ’bout how they gon’ get and give in life
I know this ain’t right, all these women try
I know this ain’t life, still I’m gettin’ high


It’s the return of the

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