Slow Down

Tory Lanez

Album : Chixtape 4


Slow down, it’s for you
Slow down, nigga wanna know you
Slow down, when I fall through
(Slow down, when I fall through)

Verse 1

Can’t nobody put it on me, the way you put it on me (Yeah)
I said can’t nobody put it on me, way you be doing that, the way you did it on me, uh
Could’ve had ya, I did it wrongly
Could’ve bagged ya, I bidded on it
Even back when my niggas was sippin’ Henny on me
He was like “I betcha can’t bag Maggie”, I had to go on in
She was gwanin’, pretty darkskin, pulled up on it
Got the number, now I’m scorin’, Mike Jordan
Fuck them niggas, you know them niggas type boring
Fly with me, ’cause you know a nigga type soaring
Get in that pussy and I’m like Gordon
Sex in the air and the dirty Sprite pouring
Got a nigga feelin’ like we on a night flooring
Even if we on the ninth floor but
Hit the department stores in the mall and buy everything ya like sportin’
Shawty, you know ain’t no price on ya
Shawty, you know ain’t no price on ya
Shawty, you know ain’t no price on ya


Shit, I guess
Yeah, I guess I just feel like
This shit is supposed to be the way it used to be like
You make it like mine for the winter and you could be yours for the summer, summers with me, for spring, summer, you feel?
Nah for real, though
You see me, you know I’ll allow it

Verse 2

And when I put it on you
Tell me you gon’ let me put it on you
Tell me you gon’ let me pull up on you
Tell me you’ll hop in that brand new coupe
Songs like this remind me of Keisha
Times like this remind me of Teisha
Used to sneak in, while yo’ mom’s sleepin’
We would play it off, like it’s on TV
Riskin’ it all up in these dark streets
Tellin’ you I love you for the wrong reasons
Tellin’ you I love you when they start squeezing
But really I just need somewhere to come creeping
I never meant wrong, but I could’ve been honest, I
I know I’m wrong but I, the 4 o’clock fall ins, all in the morning
Have me gwanin’ and goin’ in all for you, baby
I fell halfway for you, I did that thing for you
Made this pathway for two
How you gon’ act like it ain’t for you? No
We can change, winter to the summer on a cruise, oh
Turn around, look up by the pool
Starin’ down, looking at my view while you look up at the views, ooh


Slow down
Slow down
Slow down

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