Taken x G Party

Tory Lanez



She know how I do
She know how I do
She know how I do


Uh, hoes love us
Bitches, we be them niggas with gold bottles and gold rubbers
Plus I’m that nigga women in an awe
Figures ’cause all my figures lost bitches on they jaw
Uh, y’all can’t be that nigga for too long
Been smokin’ loud ,done got these bitches on the pole
She fucked around and landed in the place of G niggas
I push that 6, don’t blow my shit out the street, nigga
I keep figures big as the shits I’m takin’ on motherfuckers
Just wait, I got my paper straight, I make this motherfucker
With all my niggas, bottled liquor for my favorite women
Don’t hate, I make your chick undress to meet my favorite linen
Been in different situations with different types of women
She know this life I live excitin’, plus I ball like ain’t no type of supsendin’
And it be the swave how I took her from ya
‘Cause niggas crook, it ain’t no Brooklyn ballin’
That’s the swish and kush in callin’ women, I be
Swaved out, dime double, glazed out
Time froze, couldn’t even make the fuckin’ face out
But shawty, I’m for real now
She ain’t weain’ ice but still we told her she can chill out


She ain’t comin’ late
‘Cause this a motherfuckin’ G party
Don’t you be mistakin’
Don’t pull up to the club with ya shawty
‘Cause she gon’ get taken, taken
‘Cause this a motherfuckin’ G party
She gon’ get taken, taken
‘Cause this a motherfuckin’ G party

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