To D.R.E.A.M. (Skit)

Tory Lanez


Nyce: Damn nigga, I ain’t even gonna lie, that shit was cold
Tory: Yea you dunno fam, this is one of those situations where its like I know I can get my music off the ground dog it’s just, a nigga need to touch some fucking money, b
Nyce: yea, I feel you
Tory: Til i get that, I know I can get shit popping
Nyce: A-yo fam, I got this flex
Tory: What’s up?
Nyce: It’s in the east end, finna rob this nigga Chino
Tory: Chino nigga
Nyce: Yea nigga, Chino’s crib
Tory: How you expect us to pull this off though?
Nyce: My nigga, I been watching this nigga’s crib for like 4 weeks now, he go to sleep every night at 1, so we gonna run up in that shit around 2, and everything should be good by 3
Tory: Shit, I mean as long as I can get back to my girl’s crib at around like 4, she stay with her mom though and they both be tripping

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