Tory Lanez



Ayo, what’s happenin’?
I just took this time to stop the mixtape just to win
I mean I walk down the block and I win
I keep tyin’ my shoe, every day like win
Can’t stop winnin’, win
Disgustin’, I can’t stop winnin’, win
This a disease, I should not win
So many times
I mean I should not be winnin’ this many times, win
Jae Fresco is down the block and win
Again! I can’t stop it again, it’s just win
Keeps winnin’, win
Just can’t stop winnin’
Hey Sonny Diamonds, he was just engineerin’ my track and win
All over again, bro, it’s fuckin’ crazy, win
I mean if you’re lookin’ for us, we’ll be out in Dubai just winnin’, win
Now remember folks, when you go with the swave, you win

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