Ratchet In My Benz

Ty Dolla $ign

Album Beach House 2

Verse 1: Ty Dolla $ign

She got his name tatted on her
She texting me like babe come over
I lied and said that I was out of town
I’m with my other bitch right now
If the head right, Dolla there every night
Smoking, no seatbelt, pistol, run red lights
Then I pull up on your bitch
Like get up in my whip


I just want to take you for a ride, and we going
Ride around the corner
Ain’t nobody looking
I’m ‘ma just pull it out
You’ll know what to do
Meet me in my backseat, yeah
And we’ll get ratchet in my Benz
Yeah, yeah
And we gonna get ratchet in my Benz
Yeah, whoa
It feel like
Ooh-ooh-ooh yeah
Well, well, well
They’re like
Ooh-ooh-ooh yeah
Well, well, well

Verse 2: Juicy J

Pimp shit nigga, that’s all I know
You can take my word for it, or ask your ho
Backseat chilling, smoking that sticky
Your girlfriend put on a magic show
She do it with no hands, that’s the way I like
Got cough syrup all in my Sprite
I ain’t trying to find me no wife
But if she suck me right, she can stay all night
Top notch bitch getting money, don’t play
A ho gon’ be a ho nigga, ain’t shit change
Let your bitch chill with a stunna for a day
Got your bitch feeling like a runaway slave
Shows up when she seen the Benz
Told her hop in, and bring some friends
Got Bombay, got peach Ciroc
For the ratchet bitches, got Seagram’s gin
Smoked out, smoked out, all day and night
Nigga so high, feel like I got wings
Always ball out like the championship
Tell them bad bitches, come join my team
Groupie bitches on a bunch of drugs
Turnt up in a limousine
I tell them come over
Yeah bend it over
It’s time for me to get in between


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