Album No Introduction

Intro; Tyga

Ha ha~!
You are now, listenin to a new sound
It’s called something…
No Introduction
I could make a style off nuttin – frontin?
Listen to my instructions
And I could show you how Tyga easily does it
That’s the new name they lovin
Studio to the show, I’m the heat in the oven
I can’t breathe cause I’m buzzin
Gimme a lil’ space, even space I’m above it

Hook: repeat 2X

Ever heard a sound like this?
Who you know that’ll put it down like this?
Ever move a crowd like this?
I don’t think nobody sound like this


Now this is where you all pause
Now gimme some flavors watch me mix it all
Sounds like somethin out of the norm
So labels get ready for my proposal
It’s like, one of the two rappers on somethin new
The other dude caught in the door while I’m sneakin through
This comfortable rap (my tracks loungin too)
They say fly guy you hot; shit~! Thought you knew


Back to this lil’ quick discussion
The sound that you hearin right now is somethin (somethin)
That can not be compared to others
I mean basically I’m in the league with no teams
You see, I never thought to get above B
A grade A rapper just wait and C
Feed me beats, I’ll grow into a beast
Gimme a second with fame – watch what it’s gon’ be


– 2X


Ever heard a sound like this?
Ever move a crowd like this?
Ever heard a sound like this?

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