Boarding Pass

Wiz Khalifa



Ladies and gentleman
My name’s Wiz Khalifa and I’m so damn good

Verse 1

I earn niggas respect before the cash came
You try me get a ticket I’m in the fast lane
I keep the bigger picture in the glass frame
Plus my city on my back like it’s a motherfuckin last name
Where you goin when the driver know your last name
And first class ain’t much different from the last plane
Say we the same but I’m nothin like you guys
Nigga, I’m a frequent flyer Taylor Gang or Drink n Drive
Now everybody’s mourning I think we
Runnin’ outta liqour bring some more in
Used to say I’m fresh
But now I’m gettin spoiled
Cause new shit gettin’ old
These hotels kind of boring
Don’t mean to sound unappreciative
But it’s obvious the game ain’t what you think it is
Yellow diamons speak spanglish on my neck and wrist
Don’t even check the list
They expecting us


See I’m packed ready to go go go
We in the air you oh So LOW!
Shawty we gon live it up
And girl I got a lot of but it’s just I can’t get enough
So I’m a check my bags everything secure with my tags hand me my boarding pass
Yeah… Yeah
And I’ll hit you when my flight land

Verse 2

Yeah, got me feeling so professional
3 hour trip with only 15 minutes left to go
A small comparison should let you know
Cause only time ya’ll niggas got leg room
Is in the exit row
Damn. People tell me I change
That’s exactly what I’m getting so I’ll never be the same
Niggas losin’ weight cause what I spit is lipo
Try to explain but they get it twisted like a micro
I hit the club it’s like a light show
Bet this liqour turns the wouldn’t into a might go
Got a bitch that’s for insurance like she Geico
Try to use her phone to get a picture but the lights… Low
But the bottles still full
And you don’t really want this night to end do you?
So sip slow-ow-ow and I’m a put this thing on cruise control


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