Wiz Khalifa


Produced by Cardo

I’m just smokin a trippy stick on this one
OG Hash Oil

Verse 1: Wiz Khalifa

Roll a joint, roll another one
When it’s all said and done
I’ll be at the top bitch
Cause I hustle a lot
Them cars, we pulling ’em off the lot
Don’t even test drive it before I cop
Just boarded a yacht
We’re at the craps table in Vegas
The dealer saying how he admiring my watch
I’m placing my wager
Don’t even care how much paper I blow
Cause I done get this money and stay on
A couple things that I know
I’m blowing that stink by the O
My weed so strong I swear to god you would think it’s cologne
I go anywhere in the world and just make it my home
Staying at the highest level but I ain’t make it alone
Now that my money right them suckers keep thinking I’m wrong
But I’m just switching lanes, foot off the brake and I’m gone
If you ain’t talking money homie, you can’t get a call
Cause this a muthafuckin life that you can’t live at all
I’m getting high while I drive, I ain’t thinking of y’all…


I just wanna ride in my ride with my top down
And smoke weed with my niggas

Verse 2

Still rolling weed on my XXL
Only difference is that’s me on the cover
Once in a while call my little sister and tell her I love her
Cause shit can get crazy in this industry
Most of your friends become your enemies
That’s why I stay down with the ones that’s been with me
The niggas who started and they down to ride to the end with me
Make sure the positive energy keep flowing
All the weed keep rolling
And all of us keep getting high, the sky
We gonna keep from falling
Niggas keep hating, but baby I’mma keep ballin’
A lot of y’all turned fake, cause you found out what I make
Now I’m buying estates
Going on private island vacations
Flying on private planes
I’m cool with the pilot, he let me roll something
Put on a movie, let my girl watch it
At the dealer, high, lookin’ at that Ferrari options
Just an everyday life, when you young and bossin’


I just wanna ride in my ride with my top down
And smoke weed with my niggas

Interview: Wiz Khalifa

It’s a cohesive thing
But the focus is still getting my thing out there
And to have people understand
This is the world that we’re creating
And it doesn’t exist without all of us

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