Wiz Khalifa


Verse 1: Wiz Khalifa

Big house, four whips, hella tattoos
Smoke good and your bitch think I’m bad news
Bout to go nuts nigga, cashews
Promoter asked me if I’m booked
I say I’m past due
Maserati look mean and it’s fast too
Cinderella bout to get that bitch some glass shoes
Niggas acting mushy like cat food
Niggas acting pussy like cats do
Get a little money nigga, that’s cool
But put your niggas on, then you really that dude
Smoking two Ls, living large
See my watch and wanna know how much it really cost
AP that’s an Audemars
Agents calling, bitch I’m balling like I’m Stoudemire
Store running out of papers cause I bought em all
Niggas claiming that they Taylors but they not at all
Not far from the tree thats where the apple fall
Say the wrong words, guys knock your apple off
No sweetener straight apple sauce
Doing movie roles, rapper slash actor dog
I’m not a star, somebody lied
I’m rolling weed up in my car
And getting high
If I die today, remember me like Jimi Hendrix
Butt-ass naked covered in all bad bitches

Verse 2: Chevy Woods

I’m praying for you niggas
I put that on my Rosary
Flash like diamonds, tell me what you tryna see
Us high beams, this just a pinky though
Washing machine work, I keep a couple loads
Foreign bitch, she don’t even talk
She just drop the money off and got a sexy walk
365, no days off
Shit I’m the reason they say hard work pays off
Twenty-eight to fifty-six is what I learn first
Parks Bonifay, you see just how that work surf
Oh I’m some big shit, Notorious
Get you some gunplay basterd inglourious
I got the top chopped off riding Ichobad
Head riding shotgun, oh that’s your broad
Bright lights, dead Charley
Ignorant white, Bill O’Reilly

Verse 3: Neako

I’m kinda high
They looking for me, I was probably in the sky
I’m always fried when I hop in that double S
I can be there in a minute
Pepsi blue, I’m the ice cube riding in it
Lightly tinted, I be ghost
Blowing smoke, calling them bitches up
Dick em down when I pick em up
Never keep em close
Hit em and then I switch em up
Audemars bruh, Wizzles riding in Pick up trucks
Riding puff bus, tough luck you dumb fucks
Never came up, while we riding on planes bruh
Yeah we counting hundreds
A lot of hundreds, these niggas know that we run it
We never blunted
Smoking them raws cause we raw
Never flaw, fly as you ever saw
Real life we riding real cars
Hustle hard for muscle cars
Fuck the best broads
Blowing O’s at all cost
Natural born stars, what they saying, yeah

Outro: Wiz Khalifa

Taylor Gang Or Die

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