Fly You

Wiz Khalifa


Intro – Wiz Khalifa

Yeah! All this Louis Vuitton
I see clearly now
Ocean view, you deserve it
I do this for you

Verse 1 – Wiz Khalifa

Say the trees couldn’t get better
Need this sort of weather
Sand beneath your toes
Your drinks come with umbrellas
Cutting off our phones
Ignoring important texts and email messages
Say I do it big
I can’t do it less than this
Them other niggas talking shit
She ain’t impressed with them
Yet to spend. And we been here for a minute
That explains all the trips I invested in
It’s funny how all the fussing and fighting
Turn around into us fucking and flying
Every night on the road you call me up and you crying
Was worried about them bitches, now you too busy picking diamonds
Ain’t worried bout a price
Cause if you want it I got it and I’mma pay for it
The good weed’s lit, the champagne’s poured
Order whatever you want if you got a taste for it
It’s every girl’s dream, but you awake for it


Fly you to where I am
I’ll fly you!

Verse 2 – Wiz Khalifa

And you, know how it goes I go harder than a bitch
Pardon my French, but I work hard for this
You never had to see me on no starving artist shit
But mama when you caught me cheating thought that you would call it quits
Knew fuckin’ with me that you was takin’ all the risks
So you ain’t trying to give in
Saying I’ll be straight and you’ll be the one hurt in the end
And that’s no good!
Just tryna put you in the game like a coach would
Everything going just how it should, now your friends jealous
They hating on us. But we so far they can’t tell us
The life we livin’ it was made for us
When you’re ready, give me a call, I’ll be waiting on it
All you gotta do is hit me when you land and I’ll pick you up from the airport
And take you straight to the villa we don’t stay at resorts
5-star suites, spend weeks at the day spa
Mama keep your day job, I’mma..


Fly you to where I am
I’ll fly you!

Verse 3 – Wiz Khalifa

And no matter where we go, you
Say you never been
She in love, cause I keep it G
Not cause the Gs that I spend
But I DO spend Gs on expensive weed
Vintage sneaks and hotel room keys
Came for a day, stayed the whole week
Red-eye, no sleep – window seat



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