Gettin’ It

Wiz Khalifa



I got the city on lock man, (uh-huh)
I don’t think I’m this crazy (It’s Mr. 412)
It’s how the people treat me you know, (I feel good)
It’s about that urge, so, (I feel great)
That’s why I call myself the Prince of the City
And that’s why we back, the second time man, (Yeeeaah)
There’s two of them, so, you already know (Money good)
Everything movin’ (Haha)
Why would I be mad


Verse 1

Come and guess who bidd-ack, your favorite young kidd-ack
Niggas gon’ hate but still the paper gon’ stidd-ack
I live that, the live you little pricks wish to get at
Trynna get a name not the one to come spit at
They say I’m doin’ my thing like no one ever did it
Actually made a name in this hatin’ ass city
That’s why at every show you see me Pittsburgh Diddy
Hoppin’ on the road I bring Pittsburgh with me
My Pittsburgh tat match my Pittsburgh fitted
I’m so oh so Pittsburgh if you don’t get it
My real niggas what up
Know a man never fall splat
If you down bounce back like a sit up
That money gotta get up, so why would I waste time
Get cake from my bars now so why would I waste lines
I’m like dark in the daytime
Something you can’t find
He young with a great mind


I’m all about stackin’ money (stackin’ money), Blowin’ it (Blowin’ it)
Gettin’ love (Gettin’ love), showin’ it (showin’ it)
Got ray (Got ray), Roll it then (Roll it then)
Dead Presidents we foldin’ them
Talkin’ bout hustlin’ (hustlin’), shinin’ (shinin’)
Strugglin’ (Strugglin’) grindin’ (Yeah we grindin’ man)
Don’t talk till you livin’ it (livin’ it)
Gettin’ it (Gettin’ it), Gettin’ it (Gettin’ it)

Verse 2

And everybody knidd-ow, the boy got flidd-ow
Might be alright but can’t fuck with Young Wizzle
Mr. 41, I’m Young Blow it by the idd-ow
I do work for your money Stuart Little
Rollin’ back to back stay what’s up I’m actin little
Blunts of that ray got my eyes all little
You know how I get down
Middle finger up and that Pittsburgh shit down
Yeah, it’s going didd-own
Now he got ’em all excited they recitin’ what I spit out
Stone-cold hustler I’mma get mines nidd-ow
While y’all niggas sit out, doin what, I don’t know
I’m somewhere on the road and putting my next shit out
5 alarm blaze flame can’t be put out
Addicted to getting paid change can’t be without
Niggas try to switch into my lane then spin out
It’s all me from here out
No doubt


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