Gotta Get It

Wiz Khalifa


Verse 1: Wiz Khalifa

The game ain’t changed I’m just a new breed
As you’ll see fans turned over a new leaf
I know it’s hard to swallow that’s how the truth be
Heard I’m gettin’ dollars got you lookin’ for the new me
A lot of niggas on they own shit I do me
I’m one hundred everything I talk you’ll see
And I’mma chase that bread ’til I’m filthy
I keep money on the wig like ya girl’s weave
And I kill beats – that’s probly why they think hip hop’s dead cause I spit hot lead
Feel like I just got fed, so I’m nowhere near comfortable
Even though they tell me can’t no one here fuck with you
Bitches scream my name, real niggas say “I fucks with you”
I grind no days off that’s how a hustler do
And I’m accustomed to creatin’ that real shit
That money motivate you can feel shit

Hook: Wiz Khalifa

That paper on my mind I’mma grind ’til I’m finished
I’m feelin’ like I, I gotta get it, I, I gotta get it
And realistically the sky is the limit
I’m out here so I, I gotta get it, I, I gotta get it
Niggas slackin’ on they grind intuition
They slippin’ so I, I gotta get it, I, I gotta get it
Yeah yeah and change the life I’m livin’
That’s out here for me – so I, I gotta get it. (Yeah)

Verse 2: Wiz Khalifa

I never thought about falling back
It’s big change in the game, I need all that
Roll sticks of Mary Jane like a ball bap
Big business here, that’s what you can call that
Heard I signed to Warner Bros. yeah that’s all facts
I been hot now the shots I’ma call that
Flow cray, some say I was born mad
And I came feet first nigga this a rebirth
Man I got rhymes like a nigga keep work
To get paid like the 15th and the 1st
Stuck to my grind and my thing and it worked
Now all the little bussies wanting me getting work
I’m either blowin ray, Sour Diesel or purp
And reppin Pittsburgh til I layin in the dirt
What you say could get you murked
That’s just how it go down here
And that money ain’t slow out here
Niggas bubblin’


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