Great to Be There (Outro)

Wiz Khalifa


Yeah man
It’s your boy
Young Khalifa man
Wiz Khalifa
Whatever the fuck you wanna call me
And uh, its ’09, Star Year, yeah
So we gon’ do this like this
Taylor Gang
Heavy hustle and all that
Uh um

Verse 1:

New money, new car, new crib
And you gon’ need luggage cause this nigga’s a trip
Meet the buyer, frequent flyer
Loose chains with it, need some pliers, get a grip
And me I’m who the supplier’s sitting with
Got a blunt rolled
Keep me a dime with sitting bitch
I’m Mr. Space, sign niggas like Elroy
And my bills big faced like Hellboy
They say I’m guaranteed to blow young steroid
And I get it gone, my new home is the airport
Wake up in a new city and state
Party all night, then go to sleep on a plane
And it’s mill to ice grills
Saying all you wants a picture
But nigga I’m trynna chill
Lot of speculation since a nigga signed a deal
But for all y’all that hold me down for real
I wanna thank ya

Hook – Jackson 5 Sample

Thank you baby (You, you, and you)
Thank you baby, I’m back where I belong (I feel great man)
It’s great to be here, great to be here
(You ain’t even gotta ask man it’s written all over my face)
It’s great to be here in your arms
Back where I belong

(Yeeah Baby)

Verse 2:

I ain’t make your front page or your top ten
I’m not a hipster plus I heard rocks in
First Flight on the way, but ’til it drops then
I’m peroxide in the cut, getting it popping
A new year, got a couple shows locked in
Couple of important folks doing some talking
I’m with the stars and niggas who go hard
Getting chavo
Niggas duckin’ from rosado
Checking battery life now, charging my iPhone
I do it big, you just the shit in your time zone
I switch those like clothes
Charm like a computer with a virus cause mine’s froze
I get a whole lot of whole hate, whole lot of hoes
Spend a whole lot of cake on them Prada clothes
When you mention my name, they ain’t gotta know
This for thinking they oughta know
I wanna thank ya


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