Head to the Sky

Wiz Khalifa


Intro: Wiz Khalifa

I represent rostrum records
I represent heavy hustle records,
I represent G.O.V
I represent pittsburgh man! Its a whole movement
It’s alot of niggas out here grinding, we all doing are thing so we have to support ourselves and come together
Shoutout to ID Labs, Shoutout to ID management
We gonna do this shit like a fucking prince of the city

Hook X2

I got my ear to the streets, head to the sky
Niggas wanna hate and I don’t understand why
I’m just tryna get money, Money!
And have the whole world remember me
So touch mine and become a memory

Verse 1: Chevy Woods

They ain’t heard about me, although they got to be dead
With no soul in they body cause this how I lives
We middle finger cops like who y’all rolling on
Straight conversation I ain’t with that holding on
You see me ho, I’m gone yeah that’s that ray I roll
And ten patron shots, I’m way outta control
Just like a bad defender I’m way out of my zone
And this is what I tell ’em
Ugh, like what the fuck you yelling ’bout
This music shit will be the only time I’m selling out
No I can’t sell you shit, your phone bling crazy
I keep them magnums I ain’t trying to hear “that’s Kev’s baby”
I’m on my griz a couple shooter kids
I guarantee you hear some shots
U fuck would knock there I ain’t knocking shit
U hear me knocking , cops coming nigga let me in!


Verse 2: Wiz Khalifa

Yeah! You see im fly like a bitch drunk like a mothafucka
High as a kite bout to roll me up another one
Bought a couple stacks So team came to blow something shorty why u shaking like that go and show something
Young but im stuntin know I stay bossed up ho I got game fuck around and get crossed up
She ain’t believe me so I did her like hot sauce left her in the wind and her friend got knocked off
A lot of niggas gettin mad cause im out here making large amounts of paper but it ain’t gonna stop
I’m either on the road makin money or the lab with Kev Tha Hustla, sledgren, lonnie or my nigga young knock
Getting stupid cash call this a dumb knock,im living that life little nigga your not
Instead of worrying about me could be getting more gwap,bitch I got mines, u should get yours, you dug


Verse 3: S. Money

Keep my ears to the streets, head to the sky, niggas keep hating and they must wanna die
Mad cause I get it and they hate that im fly my shoes say Gucci ride 745
Im all about the money, u can see it in my eyes I’mma always keep it real I ain’t mever told a lie
Your boy speak the truth everytime I spit a rhyme
My finger on the trigger keep the paper on my mind
PGH where im from niggas stay on the grind
My city ain’t safe niggas stay clappin iron
412 we on the map now baby and money off music spitting raps all crazy
Still rolling blunts yes I stay hazy
Your dude 8 sticks now my eyes all lazy
I was real nigga so how could ya hate me
King of the pitt so why try to play me

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