How To Be Real

Wiz Khalifa

Album 28 Grams


Shout out to Big U
Real nigga
Yal better chill
Two-9 wassup
8-0-8 Mafia
How to be real

Verse 1: Wiz Khalifa

How to be real
Some niggas don’t but some niggas will
I’m shooting to kill
Jumpin to ride or shooting to kill
I’m taking the shot
I’m drinking that gin or shooting to kill
My bitches so real
My bitches so real
My bitches so real
You killin’ my vibe
I’m up in that bitch
I’m getting a thrill
I’m popping that thing
She poppin’ that pussy like it is a pill
I come from the burg
Some niggas are fake most niggas are real
Some niggas get killed
I don’t drink n’ drive she takin’ the wheel
Hundred thousand dollars round my neck, yes
Nigga I’m down to ride for my respect, yes
Man, yal just don’t understand
Since I was a lil’ nigga yea I’ve been poppin’ them rubber bands
God damn

Hook: Wiz Khalifa

If I didn’t have a deal
I’d still have a mil
My niggas thuggin’ out in public
Fuck it
I guess nobody told you
How to be real

Verse 2: Curtis Williams

Yeah uhh, how to be real
Im repping Two-9 I fuck with the game (Two-9)
How to be real
I’m fucking her once I don’t know her name
Smoking that loud
I’m breaking it down and rolling it up (cash)
That money gon’ come
I’m stacking it up
Can’t fuck this shit up (cash)
These niggas is lame
These niggas just talk
These niggas ain’t real (fake)
My young nigga with it
And I ain’t gonna touch it he gripping that steel
She come to the crib
She have a good time but don’t get to stay
That pack on the way
Man that pack on the way, that pack on the way
Young rich niggas we don’t fuck with you nigga
I be flexing out in public who the fuck is you nigga
Get a mil my nigga split it with the crew nigga
Take his main bitch from him show him what to do with it, huh


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