I Choose You

Wiz Khalifa



I ohhhh, I choose you baby
Thats what the game told me
Ain’t nothin change, still the same man
The game chose me, sing
Ohhhh, I choose you baby
You know the game chose me
Ain’t nothin change, this is what the game told me

Verse 1

Listen close here youngin’
See Ive been doing this here the most fed coming ‘chea
And not a dude that a post here frontin
See niggas pay attention to mine
You listen and find, you gone hear something
I know niggas wanna know how I came up
He only 18, they see him stacking his change up
And alot of niggas chose to get in the game
Bat difference from you damn pricks
The prince was hand picked
The young guy is about as fly as it can get
They want I, cause I supply and demand quick
I’m C4 explosive is how your man spit
And I got a seat for anyone who can’t stand it
I ain’t chose the game, the game chose me
A little fame from the rap, but still the same OG
Cause when I came in it, cats said I stayed lowkey
But always making sure they know me
Thats when the game told me

Verse 2

And you know I can’t get enough, it’s like I got a fetish for it
Too many wack MC’s for me to just ignore it
I get on track simply to flood the state with heat
Stack my cake and eat, preaching more then they the streets
Seen them teens drop out the bumping the corner
Money and order, so they dont even want their diploma
Me, I’m trying to make a company owner
So while that may be tempting, this rap shit is bringing the ends in
And some say that (what?) there will be no one greater than him
One day that (what?) non believers, I’ll convince em
I’m more of a leader and eating like im supposed to
Talk by the older dude, stand on my own two (yes)
And im deep in the game, not like I toasted be
I get somewhere if a lane, they took over me
Somewhere down the line, the grind molded me
It’s so sick and this what the game told to me

Verse 3

Now I’mma take you back to ’97
I put in work to grind better
I was now with a rhyme fetish
Aged quicker, and seeing things in a different way
Was fourteen when I figured I had some shit to say
So I let it be known
That the tighter with top spitter
I’m coming for em, ready to own
And if somebody better let em be shown
I’m a comptetitive dude
Plus I’m ten steps ahead of you fools
They say


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