I Still Remember

Wiz Khalifa


Verse 1: Wiz Khalifa

It’s a new year, new day
The hardest regardless of what you dudes say, truthfully
Who are you to me? money talks was taught to speak fluently
It’s nothing new to me, sometimes it takes three blunts to get through to me
It only took me months to get through the streets
But when you got beats and your lyrics are dumb hard
Nobody gotta let you in the game you just bombard
Yeah but niggas are gon hate though
No matter who you are there’s another wanting your place bro
Mind on cash roll the grass and fade slow
Learn fast to mow the grass, the snakes low
A look past the love some niggas ain’t sure
Made me my own man now I do my grown man
More advanced a young’n nearly in the game
Shit looking better now, but I remember the rain

Hook: Sample

I still remember the rain
I still remember

Verse 2: Wiz Khalifa

Feeling slept on knowing I’m the best songwriter or freestyler
I’ll bite a nigga’s head off
The flow was ill before I inked the deal
I signed cause a flow like mine needs a mill
I grind for real, and that’s no days off
You work hard for it and it’s gon pay off
You can rap, even work a j-o-b
Or duckin’ the policeman, when cars tryin’ to pump weight off
See I was taught to get it how you live
Niggas know Wiz has been about his bread
In the stu I’m a beast, I can speak to ’em all day
In high school, have what you need in the hallway
Stuff long dutches with raw haze
Attention is nothing new, it’s true I’ve been that nigga always
“So what you saying?”
Remain the same with fame I gained, it’s good now but I remember the rain
Yeah I remember the rain!


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