Wiz Khalifa



Cause I’m lifted
Cause I’m lifted
For a zone paid a whole 550
Cause I’m lifted
Cause I’m lifted
I don’t want what you want, I smoke Swishers
I get lifted
I get lifted
Don’t got none you ain’t gonna smoke with me
Cause I’m lifted
Cause I’m lifted
Sniff so strong that you boys can’t miss me

Verse 1

You ain’t heard of me I keep the weed up in the air
Come up to my crib you’ll see weed everywhere
3 boxes in homie I ain’t stopping there
Always paid attention though but now they stop and stare
I’m fresh to the death dressed like a million bucks
Eyes Chinese smelling like a million blunts
4 zips up in the speakers of my trunk
Fuck the club owners I’m a chief when I want
Haters talk shit
Ain’t going to do shit to me
Shorty on my dick cause my piff smell fruity
Don’t want me blowing smoke in your face bitch sue me
Ate them other niggas
This how Pittsburgh do it
Keep a swisher moving
If don’t nobody know
You going to find out why they call me Mr. Blow it by the O
I’m smoking on stage
Roll a blunt up at a show
While my niggas getting paid
Throwing money on the floor
Seen a bad bitch ain’t got fronted on before
But I’m Warner Brothers now
So I stunt on every ho
Do a nigga do it bigger?
Why don’t you go on and let me know?
Take your time
I’m a roll one
A cigarillo what I like called Ray
Smoke one sweet hanging high all day
Eyes all blazed
Ya’ll about
Wait a minute
Still ain’t found that answer to the line I was saying
That marijuana got my shit dry and all red
Really not the guy to try what y’all plant
Might break you off
But no I’m not staying
The game play to win I’m all in like when
Heard a lot of talk but you ain’t saying nothing
Middle of the floor I’m a shake these guts and
Fill my Swisher with a light green substance
Every time you see me man I’m blazing something

Verse 2

Smoking on exclusive so don’t ask if you can hit it
Smell that is great don’t even ask me where I get it
And what I pay for is way past you niggas limit
Smoke in the day
What’s that bad shit you flipping?
Crack another swisher
Roll it while I’m driving
Spraying blunt block case the Po-Po up behind me
If I got some chronic
Know it’s going to be diamond
If I got a bitch know she going to be diamond
Henny to the throat
Turn to smoke in my body
Heard that T-Pain, now she want to be my shorty
90 on the tank and the jeans 340
Never stop rolling
I’m a smoke til I’m retarded


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