Mafia Music (Remix)

Wiz Khalifa



Victory I envision
So my mission is to win
One look at my arm
She like “Wizzle, where your skin?”
Hatin’ niggas talk
Hear they’re whispers in the wind
But I don’t wanna do ’em harm
So I kill ’em with my pen
Nicky Santoro
Money don’t bend
Root of all evil
Guess my bank is full of sin
Couldn’t be a suit and tie
Tired of barely paying rent
Told them fuckers
I’m doing numbers
So take it on the chin
Metabolism quick
So it’s hard to see what I’m eatin’
Going on retreats
And rollin’ sweets while I’m tweetin’
Paradise for a weekend
Then I’m back in the trap
Never dealt with any drugs
Still the Task’s on my back
Money on my mind
Everything’s strapped
You kiddin’ and playin’
I teach a class how to act
Somebody tell Youtube
I prolly need a plaque
Couple hundred thousand views
And I did that on my Mac
’09’s mine
’08 was great
They honored Kanye
And paid Lil Wayne
Gucci did a bit
But came home and got straight
And every nigga in the biz
Did a song with T-pain
No front page
But for those who did
I send ’em my best wishes
The industry’s a bitch
That’s why I’m on my shit
New luggage and a flip
Shooting movies all my life
No script, no script


It’s Young Khalifa, man
Twitter dot com, backslash real Wiz Khalifa
Follow me
I told y’all, man
We’re gonna be kickin’ these tw-eestyles off
Real frequently, you know what I’m sayin’?
So, without further ado
Let me shout out some of these uh
Some of these members of my twitter family
If y’all don’t know we doin’ a hunned
Make sure y’all hit me up, let me know
If I did a hunned on that there
But, uh
Shoutout Straight Cash
Flyy PG, with two y’s
Punky the Singer
Jay Esco
Who else we got on this bitch
TJ, Nina Stacks
Tae Jasper
Genesis Mag, whattup
Young Jay
Zaelski, hahaha
Y’all hear me sniffling and shit, I got a cold
I keep it real though, y’all niggas know what it is
Y’all watch my day to days
I ain’t out here frontin’ for these people
Know what I’m sayin’, fuck that shit
All my niggas doin’ they Taylor gang thing on here
Angry schoolkids
Niko, whattup
He gonna be down here in a minute
I’ll holla at him
Amanda Diva
My nigga Art Kobeleski, that’s my man from school
I Am King Blod
Mr. Fab
YB the Rockstar
Lance Hab
And the Real Nina
The Real N. Nina

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