Never Ever

Wiz Khalifa



Yeah buddy
I got a cold and all that shit
Show you how hard I work
I really, I really go in man
This is from the heart, this is from the soul
We still having fun too though man
It’s going to be a real big year
You watch
I’m telling you


They say the game done changed
There’s just some new players in it
And they don’t wanna see my team get up there and win it
Try to keep me still but look where I’m at now
I made it too far to look back down
But I ain’t never ever going forget what I been told
And I ain’t never ever going back to being broke
‘Cause FYI
I stay on my grind
Tryna stop my shine
That day’ll be never ever

Verse 1

I started out just a fan, writing like every other kid
Grew up to be the man, paying bills at my mother’s crib
Everyday I’m hustling to get us out this situation
Got to deal with phony shows, groupie hoes and niggas hating
Mostly ya’ll embrace the small percentage of my city, racist
Instead of doing good, they’d rather see me catching cases
The fans love me but I struggle trying to impress the label
And all this got me feeling like it’s way too much put on the table
I’m still smoking out of O
Some speculations cause I’m hardly ever home
Easy to say ’bout how we supposed to move on
When we going through depression and our brother O’s gone
Was told you gotta go through hell to get the big thing
And when you feel it can’t get worse, that’s when shit change
Obama’s president, The Steelers won the 6th ring
So I ain’t through trying, I feel like I can do anything

Bridge 1

Started small town
Now we major
We done made it to the top floor
From the basement
We done made it to the top floor
From the basement
We done made it to the top floor
From the basement

Verse 2

Big city, small town
Cause when your money’s up, that’s when they all ’round
But the minute that you slip, they dip
And it’s no one to depend on when the chips fall down
Me, I never cut a corner short, I follow protocol
Got my focus on
Took my notes and all
This hard work gon’ pay off
The second that I’m rich, I’ll take the day off

Bridge 2

If you out there on your grind
Put your hand up in the sky
Say “We grinding”
If you got it but you trying to get some more
Tell them boys “Yeah, we climbing”
This for my people
Who know about struggling
Trying to get something
Cause we came up for nothing
What you in a rush for?
It’s all about timing
As soon as you’re on
You know the limit’s the sky


This your principal, Mr. Easy Rider
Reminding ya’ll to get your tickets to the ’09 prom, ya’ll
That’s right, it’s gonna be a big event
Guys, grab a girl
And girls, grab on to that nigga’s wallet
It’s gonna be a special performance by my man Wiz Khalifa, ya’ll
So lock your doors and hide your hoes
Cause it’s gonna go down
I remember them days
Rolling up, ’bout 25 of them J’s
White boys, we ain’t smoke blunts back then
I was so high
But enough reminiscing
We gon’ get back to the scheduled program
Right here on W.E.E.D
Where every eye is dry
On campus radio
Flight School

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