Never Too Late

Wiz Khalifa


“Never too late, too late to stop stop, never too late, too late to stop stop”

I’m tryna have the wrist all glitted up
Whip all kitted up
Niggas say Cam change, wiz couldn’t give a fuck
Spit it like my last song, one life live it up
Niggas see Cam’s change, kids couldn’t get a buck
So please don’t approach me man
Like this a free show, cause you don’t know me fam
And please don’t extend your hands like you know we fam
And please don’t pretend like we homies scram
Where was all this love at when I was only Cam?
When I was tryna sell y’all my only jam?
I don’t keep friends, I’m my only fan
And take falls, I’ll never, I will only stand
Ima make this all riches, is what I told E then
If you don’t know me now, then how you know me then?
And I hope y’all loving the kid, but if not, its

“Never too late, too late to stop stop, never too late, too late to stop stop”

Im tryna have the strip all whipped out
Crib all pimped out
Chicks smiling in my face, tongues all licked out
Flat on the front side, back all sticking out
Waiting for that one time, a rap nigga dig her out
But you gone have to slow up love
Tryna skee cause she think ima blow up cuz
All she thinking me getting her nails done, and her hair done
Ma I’m not the one
Ion need no chick plotting all my chips
No birds tryna fly with me on my trips
If I am with a Miss, she a down ass chick
So take a sec, just chill and get off my tip
I’m just tryna get rich of these tracks I get
And you tryna get rich off the scratch I get
And you chicks think it’s all about bread, but it’s not, its..

“Never too late, too late to stop stop”
“Cause I wan’t to tell you, that there’s no point in hating anybody, because to the extent that you tear down another, you tear down yourself (yea, yea), we have to understand that”

I’m tryna have the city on lockdown
Fam off the block now
Money coming fast, more cash then the cops now
Would harass, but they can’t really not now
Used to laugh, but your man’s really hot now
I used to rap for the kids in class
Told em I would use rap just to get my cash
And I was only worried bout how to get my math
And told my teachers and the staff they can kiss my ass
Cause I can’t find a interest in my book
So I stayed to myself in every class I took
Supposed to be doing work, but I made my hooks
Cause I get motivation everywhere I look
And I show no regret for any chance I took
But I learn from mistakes just like I should
So if you dudes ain’t paid your dues, for you fools its..

“Never too late, too late too stop stop, never too late, too late to stop stop”

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