One Spliff

Wiz Khalifa


Intro: Wiz Khalifa

The gang in this bitch…
Young Wiz Khalifa man

Verse 1: Wiz Khalifa

California grapes, I’m breaking fine wines
Me I’m sky high, my bitch down to earth
Money in the bank, weed roller in her purse
And I ain’t slackin on the job, my dog I been alert
Been gettin cake, bank being the verb
Big numbers on the net so niggas show love
And the diamonds on my neck should make these hoes trust
On the road, at the venue filled with model hoes
College shows, smokin grade a honor roll
Bad broad, light skin, hood niggas, white friends
And I ain’t gotta talk much, it’s in your face
Give me brain, cause she say she got expensive taste!
Let her rub my tattoos, now she flyin’
Smokin’ zig zags too, nigga rap like crack so I


One spliff a day keep the ill away
One spliff a day keep the ill away
One spliff a day keep the ill away

Verse 2: Malik MD7

Too Mucking Fuch lets go
Turn off my BB and my HTC
Please don’t interrupt me when I’m smoking THC
I’m out to prove, what I’m about to do with this ounce of food (what?)
First class flights, higher altitude
Lead astray by the hash tray
I am half baked
If there’s no smoking sign I’mma eat my hash cake
Only with my back up, I’m out to get paid
And I roll my spliffs backwards, the Amsterdam way
Hey, hey!
Got mental health problems, forget it!
I will give you two draws, you will turn schizophrenic
This smell of your police, pull us over for the hell of it
But fine often, cause we smoked out for the evidence

Verse 3: S.A.S


Inhale, exhale, on smoke…
There was big on… then I used to roll spillfs
Get the whole sip, now I’m in the days
On the… ’till I drift away
I’ll be on it, on it all night
Yeah, that’s super strong
Down to the last…
I don’t know, should I roll, should I hit the bong
Paint the town red like the soles on the loboutins


Hydroponic (hah!), home grown (hah!) (hah!)
We’re playing chronic, this is a smoke zone
Rolling flower power joints, nose cones
If I light this shit up I’m fucking up the ozone
I smoke that… is legit
Just a hit make you twitch like smoking on friday
Live your life, that’s what I say
… while we speed, that’s the highway!

Verse 4: Calliko

Let’s go!…
You can smell it through my pocket
Country boy from illinois yea im a pothead
Hyrdoponic you can smeell it through ya pocket
It ain’t tricking if you got it, girl I got bread
Anybody feel like rolling up a blunt of kush?
I would, but she got me sleeping, feeling good
Sick of position body stiffer than a brick of wood
That’s me feeling like a real nigga should
I’m addicted so consistent lets roll up another
Light green swisha sweet casa loma suites in the d
You know the ones wit the upstairs
When im powered up I devour blunts doing what I gotta do until a mothafucka
Up there, up where in the air you can’t come up here
Real players do whatever that they want here…
Moving quicker than jamaicans in the fast lane
I’m babysitting, don’t forget to tell em pass mane
Break it down, roll it up
Break it down, roll it up
Br-break it down roll it up
Calliko, Wiz Khalifa, roll up in there!


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