Pittsburgh Sound

Wiz Khalifa


It’s Wiz Khalifa man (yea, yea)
It’s that 412 shit!
I got that Pittsburgh Sound
Let’s get it

Verse 1 – Wiz Khalifa

Around these parts
I’m known as the youngest in charge
My tracks bang out the trunk of your car
It’s the city’s known rap spitta
Semi blown clack niggas
Skin and bones but really known as that nigga
I’m known to chase the bucks
Grind to get my paper up
In the studio writin rhymes ’til the paper crunch
I’m not the type that u would call em a thug
But I’m a hustler, it’s all in my blood
So if its all for the cheese then I’m in it
My screws kinda loose so I ease to the finish
I hop up in the coupe feel the breeze while I’m in it
Blowin smoke up out the roof from the trees that I’m spliffin
Youngin got the game on lock
I’m on top, it’s a shame y’all not
You a lame put your brain on pot
Leave you wet like the rain y’all drop
I’m gonna rock and I ain’t gonna stop ….. nigga


Changin the game
Spittin that flame
His name, it’s Wiz Khalifa man
Hustlin 24/7
Ask him how I do it I tell em (what you tell em)
(its all in my blood)
I got that Pittsburgh sound
And I’mma always hold Pittsburgh down
Its Wiz Khalifa man
Don’t know about you, bra
But I’m a hustla; it’s all in my blood

Verse 2 – Wiz Khalifa

Roll rubber you don’t know who you dealin with
Oh so innocent but flows so diligent
My spit games like a .44 killin shit
Know your man warm but the young ball killin shit
Realist shit and your main wife dig me
Game try and hit me
Kick game like 50 Cent
Niggas wanna play games I quickly
Mob with a squad that will bang y’all wit me
And they want the kid still hurtin
Hundred brothas wit hammers
Yea that’s what I call a steel curtain
I handle my time and still work it
Put in work couple mill worth in
And I’m from Pittsburgh where the green
And the eatin is good
And the fiends do everything in the hood
Everyday is like a war so my soldiers ride fatigues in the hood
And we gettin all the green like we should
You know yea

Verse 3 – Wiz Khalifa

I’m from the home of the great
Where they known for the cake
Where the money stackin up
Hundred chrome to ya face
U could step out of line nigga
Thrown in the place
That’s why my homies say
Its what eva when eva
I flow so hard and I spit so sick
I got all of these rap niggas on my dick
And I can’t beef on to heaven, no throw shit
And that’s word to the Philly guys, spliff


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