Wiz Khalifa

Album 28 Grams


Time keep ticking
The ash from my joint keep flicking
Ball hog, go hard for a living
Still cheese eggs in my kitchen
Still even though we gettin’ stoned, we still stickin’ to the mission
Still take a nigga bitch
Still put a nigga on his feet and make him rich if you fuck wit em
Destiny ain’t no luck just a couple niggas with felonies that I grew up with
Aww shit’s what they sayin’
The shit we smoke cut through everything that the owners spray The money coming like every day
But never let this shit control me, fuck what the teacher told me!
Of course that weed I keep it on me
I paint pictures, don’t forget to bring a brush for all my niggas
And niggas think they ill when they rap but I’m the sickest
C’ause where I’m from its about who go the hardest not the quickest
Little nigga, big engine, big units, big business
Been doin’ it, been spendin’, me and you a big difference, yeah
Still ridin’ in my whip with the old suspension
Grindin’ hard like I ain’t got the rent, I need every cent


Niggas plottin’, nigas climbing
Niggas puttin’ overtime in
And no matter where they go
They stay the same
No matter where they go
They stay the same

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