Superstar (Deal or No Deal)

Wiz Khalifa



You can be my superstar
We can do anything you want


Taylor Gang, Paper Planes
Don’t forget the Champagne

Lamborghini wangs too, oh yeah

Come on and fly with your boy
You look like, um
Just what I like

Verse 1

Yeah, what say you my dear
We drink get drunk go straight to the crib
Got a thing for Ms. Thang over there
Them yellow diamonds lead straight to the Wiz
Entrepreneur, got straight to the biz
Jumped in my car, spaceship that is
And we fly out, them expensive things that we try out
Most lie about
You got me like Ne-Yo gone girl
Do your own thing, I can see in your own world
Got my homeboy spring cleanin’ your homegirl
And shawty we gonna do this shit right
I’m tryna find a bottle of anything that you like
To wait I got no time I’m trying to take you tonight
And if you wanna roll, then maybe we can go
I ain’t showing off this is really my life, yeah


Leave with us never be the same, you reppin’ with the planes


Hahahaha. Yeah bitch! Uh! Haha
Yeah, bottles going off and I ain’t concerned with how much it’s gonna cost me
I’m-a drink it straight probably order you a long beach
Waiter bring the drinks I’m-a roll some of this bomb weed
Somewhere in outer space or somewhere under a palm, tree
The flyest thing you ever been on, me
And them other niggas claim to be the planes
But how they leave them land when they’re on, E
No fuel, though my swag is sicker than no cure
Maybe it’s all the alcohol making me so sure
Damn, baby we cop the brochure we gon’ shop at those stores
Presidential panel, on top of those floors
Say you got fans I got lots of homeboys
And they love to smoke and chill like I do
So come to my hotel bring your friends and they can get high too


Hahaha, yeah, bitch!
Leave with us never be the same, you reppin’ with the planes


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