Talk to Me

Wiz Khalifa



Talk to me, I talk back
Let’s talk money, I talk that
Talk to me, I talk back
Let’s talk money, I talk that
Talk to me, I talk back
Let’s talk money, I talk that
Talk to me, I talk back
Let’s talk money, I talk that


Yeah! It’s Young
Wiz Khalifa man
412, Pittsburgh, Pistolvania and all that
But right now we gon’ talk money
So talk to me
Ya kno? Yeahhh!

Verse 1

If she wanna talk to me, I’mma talk back
Said she love my music and she think I’m all that
Told me I be on her mind like a fitted ball cap
Love the way I blow money, and get it all back
Cup full of that Patron, swisher like a ball bat
Skinny lil nigga but my pockets all fat
And I’m lookin for a dime, or better yet a dub
So if that pussy good go on and show a nigga love
Yeah, I’m posted in the club and there’s freaks errywhere
Bottle after bottle, good weed up in the air
I see a bad bitch look at me when she stare
So I’mma go and say a couple things in her ear
I tell her I’m the man, and that I run the town
You think about it, I could change your life right now
And if your nigga trip, then best believe it’s goin down
If shit get outta line, there ain’t no need to go around
Just come and…

Verse 2

Ay, ay
Grippin on this honey while I’m puffin my reefer
Youngin talk money, get a homie bilingual
If she lookin like a hungry ho that’s how I treat her
No I don’t need her, go on off the meter
I don’t chase hoes, chase cheese like the cheetah
You be all polite, sayin please when you meet her
I don’t even greet her, just look her in the face
Pull her to the side, let her give my blunt a taste
Ask her what she drank, a little this, alotta that
Forget about a shot cause we got bottles in the back
Shawty, swallow some of that, and get low
And move that thing around like a certified pro
Cigarillo full of ‘dro, so what you wan’ do?
Your girls know the biz, you can bring your friends too
And you can do you, cause they gon’ do me
I’d rather do y’all, I’m down for all three
Just come and…

Extended Hook

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