The Rain

Wiz Khalifa

Album 28 Grams


Nigga like me smoke weed everyday
Nigga like me high all the time
Shut the fuck up man
It’s Taylor’s! Ugh

Verse 1

One shot, one kill, what the deal?
Learned this from my OG, shit is real
Made niggas, paid niggas, all around
One phone call, brr, it’s going down
Clique full of psychos, goon in some tight clothes
Need my paper straight, no typos
Right flows, but really I don’t write
I’m in the studio all night
Make sure the shit you call a dream is what I really call my life
From my city, Harlem Nights, you niggas silly – this the ‘burg
Not Philly, shout them niggas though that wheelie on them bikes
These niggas fans, they just sittin’
Talk about plans they ain’t been in
Even rock brands they don’t fit in
Ain’t got to go to France, spend 100 bands
Gotta understand, damn!


I can’t stand fake niggas
I can’t stand fake niggas
I can’t stand fake niggas

Verse 2

Walk it how I talk it, if I roll it, I’mma spark it
If she bad, I tell her park it, I’mma hit it like a target
Oh shit! He blowing up your phone again
Must ain’t let him know, you ain’t coming home again
Leave that man alone, could be doing better
Do it on your own, could be on a jet, flying ’round the globe
Baby we gonna smoke a whole zone
Burning kush till her eyes gone
Cellphone by the remote control
When your girlfriends call, they just get the dial tone
Paper wild long
Try to draw the line between personal and business
But these niggas in their feelings like bitches
Mobbing through these trenches, always on a mission
Rules to the game, starve the competition
Khalifa Kush keep me high, to where I don’t wanna speak
Broke and jail – two things I don’t wanna be
You talk tough, but your clique is nervous
Wash ’em up, get that quick detergent
Then we done with ’em
There’s gotta be somebody to blame
It’s a shame, shame, shame


I can’t stand fake niggas
I can’t stand fake niggas
I can’t stand fake niggas
What? What?
I can’t stand fake niggas
I can’t stand fake niggas
Fake ass, niggas, shit
Dawg, damn, woah
28 Grams, 28, and a bag in my hand
God, Damn!
Hol up, hol up, hol up
Man when my hair get long you niggas in trouble
Just warning you now

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