Wiz Khalifa

Album Prince of the City: Welcome to Pistolvania

Hook: Jigsaw

Thown round by the wind
Thown down in a spin

Thown round by the wind
Thown down in a spin

Thown round by the wind
Thown down in a spin

Verse 1

These niggas hate me cause the streets ain’t make me crazy
They raised me showed me how to win follwed in them shadows
Then I jumped up on my own two feet and made it happen
Figured out I’m makin rap and if not I’ll take you clappin
See I’m on top of this art and on the blocks that I trout its hotter than hot liver than rock
Fiends jerkin they got product to cop the cops searchin for the product the rock
D in the coke purple weed in my smoke
The parks where they pump out boy
Only two fears god and them jump out boys
I’m really happy on blazed hat stay with a lean
Shot this shit with big tymers chick stay lookin mean
I’m in the coup flyin back throw the dueces to you losers
What you stupid I’m ruthless your dude is just a nuisance
Muthafucka when your top get blown and your shop get closed
Don’t be so suprised told you guys that I’ll leave them

Verse 2

I move the music group next to me’s a few of you
But technically ill to you dudes texas squezzin rugars too
I move the people one your not as hot as me no it is what it is I’m cocky but you can’t stop me
Pistolvania bred flex the pistol bang your head
And if you trade some lead left in pistolvania dead
I’m still the same old guy spittin the flame
Whippin the lanes one thing on my mind and thats gettin the chain
My pops taught me well no way you can’t prevail
If you got product and a plan then you can make it sell
So I took from that ran with it no lookin back
Coke up in my written when I spit it it get cooked to crack
I’m a have you niggas mad at the game cause I’m snatchin up all the paper smackin up all you haters
Scrap you a baller faker a motherfuckin clone
I’m a titan in the game Wiz Khalifa’s to blame
I’ll leave you


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