Wiz Khalifa


Intro: Wiz Khalifa

I didn’t mean to make you hate me, (rewinding)
I didn’t mean to make you hate me, (scratching)
I didn’t mean to make you hate me
But I’m usin’ this rap shit to make me cake-y. (rewinding)

Verse 1. Wiz

I didn’t mean to make you hate me
But I’m usin’ this rap shit to make me cake-y
A lot of bullshit rappin’ lately
I ain’t focused on that cause I’m stackin’ daily (a-huh)
Keep a good sack, could mack your lady
19 years, not one cat that play me (no)
Heard otherwise, trust. You crazy
Swagger all on some old, fuck you, pay me (fuck you)
They say the flow cocky, maybe I should fall back
Hatin’ cause you not me, I say to hell with all that (all that)
I’m in this game to get my ones up (yeah )
Beast on beats, trying to teach you dumb fucks (yeah)
Think shit sweet just cause he’s a young buck
I spit heat, Wiz eat you chumps up
To them I’m great for how I make songs
To you I’m probably just another nigga to hate on (damn)

But it’s the hustla, Young Khalifa
I (what?) smoke so much, I love my reefa’
Why niggas so into me, fam?
Tryin’ to end up missin’, like the Kennedy fam.
Lotta cash flow, asshole
The team gettin’ cake in my state
They get rid of weight like Ricki Lake
The mixtape made this shit look real fun,
Dropped Show and Prove
Now you dudes lookin’ real dumb

You better run nigga (run nigga)
Run, motherfucker, run (run)
When that young motherfucker come
Before you try and bring it to this kid
Pay attention to how I do this shit
Cause it ain’t easy
Dimes wan’ greet me
Haters wanna heat me
Pussy ass cops wanna jail and police me, bail and release me
I’m in the air, you a couple layers underneath me
There where the streets be
And some tried, all failed to defeat me
The best without a shadow of a doubt
Knaw’m talkin ’bout?
Put my shit in stores, the hood bought them out
Who got the ‘Burgh rockin’ something we gotta talk about?
I show and prove

[Verse 2, Kev Tha Hustla (a.k.a. Chevy Woods)]

The kid’s bars harder than a mothafucka’ I ain’t talkin vegetables, young, I’m an onion cutta’
And it’s the hustla baby you gotta deal with me
Mad cause their shorty like ice, and try to chill with me
You at a stand still runnin’ them plates, my trap team boys runnin’ your face(?)
Won’t try to run to the jakes(?) Yeah I’m in the whore(?) like an upper body
With two bad bitches, Wiz in the upper lobby
And we runnin’ the train, it is never a, “probably”
My grind like Slim Fast, I keep the plate off me
Home boy, I been doing this since way since, and trust my hand right, cause I don’t need a weight, bitch
Don’t get a facelift, I lift your face prick
You heard shit, Kev ain’t the one to play with, cause youngin’s down to shoot at you like, ” Fuck what your goons is fool.”
Sounds like a fuckin’ drum roll when the Uzi shoot.(brrrrat)
Pardon me, man. It’s (fucking Green Lantern making noises), now that’s a foul line, get some freak shots (blam)
The situation is you so impatient and you can’t get it man, times a wastin’
Plus, I gotta laugh cause this is what youll never be
You just a mutt and I’m a well known pedigree
Come with a settle fee, and maybe we can talk
I’d rather strip dude and make his dumb ass walk.(?)

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