Way 2 Go

Wiz Khalifa



Yeah, yeah
It’s Young Wiz
Wiz Khalifa
4 – 1 – 2
This for —
This for the world, man
All my sexy single ladies
Niggas gettin this money


Know you heard of me
A young rap star
No wifey, in love with my cash more
In the fast car
Blowin weed out a glass jar
And you lames, I’m past y’all
I stay dumb high
All the freaks get geeked when I come by
Um, I think I see one I want, I’m
Gonna try to make the best of the first night
Ya heard right
Tell them other niggas fall back
I got spliff, ’bout chips, and I’m all that
That’s my Blackberry, call that
I’ll put your number in that bitch, I’mma call back
(Psych!) Yeah
Everybody know the tall cat
6′ 3″, gold P on his ballcap
Niggas hating on the kid, better stop that
(Said you got a long way to go)
If you niggas wanna tame the foe
I’ma stay gettin money with a gang of hoes
Going hard on a job so my change’d grow
In the lab with a pad and some haze to blow
Or on the road, in the zone, getting cake for shows
I’m the Prince, most you cats’ peons
Play a role on track, actors like Leon
I’m steering the game, you get your backseat on
Won’t even use your mixtapes to roll weed on
(Fuck outta here)
Fresh trees on
And my cheese on
Need a 16? That be about a G a song
That’s only cause I’m a new face
Go head, name your favorite rapper –
I’m taking dude’s place
I’m into new things
My shit Artful Dodger
Ain’t nothing you’ve seen
Straight out the boutique
The bitches choose me
Ain’t worried bout another nigga, I do me
Yeah, I do me
(Said you got a long way to go)

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