Your Gonna Love Me

Wiz Khalifa

Album : Reefer Party 2

You gonna love me
You gonna love me, man! is wiz khlaifa!
Uh, black out, yes!
Cd in the building
Pitsburg stand up real quick for your prince right now
I’m about to show you niggers
And why wiz khalifa is the prince of the city
Listen, listen, listen!

Young dude, you get off in
Niggas often handy
Respect you fools you soft as panties
And no other rapper fame like mine
Disagree, I remove your top, help you change your minde
Cock sucker what your life about
We’re on that add with our pipes out
City seen nigga life’s out!
That’s the definition that is black thing
We being black out thing and slaying hurts for these ladies
And in the I wanna step up, get it a lot of things that will make a mess of you
And I don’t sell weed
I don’t sell, dope
I roll with the gang, of fools that leave a smile on your throat
To see games, soon as we stump in a place
Not notheing on my waist but don’t think, no want to mistake
Leave anyone you met in your life, as you if you’re running my space
Dog, that could get you punched in your face
Or you could run butt naked, have you runnin the place
No jewels, no shoes, I’m nigga with no rules
Dudes, don’t understand what I’m getting at?
The whole concept is pitiful, so when I’m done
..these twins no longer be identical
I do got respect for anyone thats real
But all hail the true price of the city is still and thats (Meeeeeee)
Listen man, it’s still the song she’s singing to you
Yow niggers gonna love me, man!
You might not want to, but it’s hard, I’m the prince of the city and still!
And thats (meee), listen!
Shuts start to my nigga, let’s collapse on my nigga listen, uh!(meeeee)
I speak to you, dough
I’m the true prince of the city
Do the artist formerly none
Now keep that thing, gotta keep that
Reaching for the lord, dog, release that bling
When I step in the place. stole grands on me
Downs, with their hands on me
You’re sick of searching and niggas with punch lines
Well known to heart pride

All mouth doing like a buck fifty on a strip
It’s no way you gonna hold me
I rap sick, and I put the
Ok, get a cracking for the war
I’m sixteen, the eighteen, when it’s back for the war!
I’m way big, no I’m better than him
Keep suffering on me with a .. I call ’em double mint twins
This are all streets, and trespass, and you get bust back
You can for everything down to your bus pass
And when I buck fast, niggers dunk fast
And if you get hit ain’t notheing left but your mustache
And niggers imitate the team we are
But I roast you burn niggers like cdr
I do got respect for anyone real, but all hail the true prince of the city is stilland thats (meeee)
And that’s me!
No doubt about it man
And niggas can run that back
It’s o question, the prince of the city is still, nigga and thats (Meeeeee)
And that’s me, oh, oh!
I’m feeling real good in here right now
I’m feeling ,invincible man
And niggers let us sing the side of this one!
Black out! black!(meeee)
(Your gonna love me yes you are you better you better…..)

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