Free Rudeboy


Album Just Re’d Up

Intro: YG

Go free Rudeboy
Jaycari I’m so sorry
Aye, aye, go free Rudeboy

Hook: YG

Go free Rudeboy
Aye, aye, go free Rudeboy
Man, he don’t deserve it
Free Rudeboy
I was hurtin’ when I heard it
Man, he don’t deserve it
Free Rudeboy, I was hurtin’ when I heard it

Verse 1: YG

Free Rudeboy, that’s my nigga I got it
You my nigga all day, like 24 hours
Yeah, I know you feeling down, but don’t worry about specifics
Cause I’m gonna cuss out every bitch that didn’t give you a visit
You my nigga right, you know I miss you bro
The first time I went to jail I was with you bro
Yeah I know your situation is irritating
I know you miss this Pushaz shit but we still in the making
But keep your head up, cause you in now
If niggas want to fake, don’t turn shit down
Oh yea your mama says she love you, and our homies say whats up
On your next court date I wish you the best of luck
If you need me know I’m working, drop a stack on your attorney
I be talking to Jesus telling The Lord to have mercy for ya
Yup, middle finger to the judge
First day out, we in the beamer headed to the club

Outro: YG

It’s Pushaz Ink baby!

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