God Is My Witness


Album 4Hunnid Degreez

Intro: YG

Mustard on the beat ho!
Tanea on the track, these other bitches can’t sing
Pu$haz Ink the team, bitch we know the ring

Verse 1: YG

Like I ain’t did nun for me
Now it’s funny how my people tryna fuss at me
And my friends is fake, I can’t stand them round me
So like my daddy I’ma move and be a man about it
And when my mind ain’t straight
I twist a blunt and pop a pill, feel high all day
Cause I’m just tryna get cause ain’t nothin’ given
God forgive me if I sin, but if I have to I’ma steal it
Ya’ll niggas playin’ but I’m really really with this
Ace and RudeBoy, them my niggas they the realist
Pu$haz Ink the label ?? with the business
Big Ant restin’ in peace tellin me he he feel us
Got a homie that’s deaf but he tellin me he hear us
And everywhere we go them people always takin’ pictures
Cause we be them niggas that be shittin’ on them niggas
And if niggas start trippin’ I’ma turn into a killer
So please don’t F with me, I got the burner but it ain’t the on that burn CDs
Ya’ll can’t see me like ya’ll Chinese
Ya’ll ABCs and my clique all Gs!

Hook: Tanea

I’m out here tryna get it
I ain’t gon lie baby God is my witness
Tell me where it’s at and bet you I’ma go get it
I go get it, I go go get it
Top down, when I rin-nide
Hatin’ ass niggas always wonder when I
Lookin’ at me bitch you can tell I’m on my grin-nie
I’m on my grin-nie, I’m on my grin-nie

Verse 2: YG

Nigga stop complainin’
Life is what you make it
If you wanna shine, you gotta get on your grind
It’s money out here to get nigga I been gettin’ mines
Niggas just going to jail nigga I been did time
Nigga I been spittin’ rhymes, Nigga I been sellin’ dimes and dubs
I used to sell H to the clucks
Told momma I’ma thug and she looked at me mad
Came up on some cash and got her a Louie bag
Told her I’d like to see 48 momma I pass real fast, and then she looked at me laughed
Yea I went through the struggle but I found a way out
Soon as I get rich I’ma go way out
I’ma get my daddy a spot in the south, right next to his momma house
So until then I’m grindin’ 24/7
Pu$haz Ink them my niggas, all dogs go the Heaven

[Hook: Tanea/YG]

Bridge: YG

Lord forgive me for my sins and have mercy on my soul
Never trade a true relationship for money and gold
But if you talkin’ about cake, I’ma go get
Cause I gotta die with it, cause I wasn’t born with it

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