Intro (California Livin)


Album California Livin


Hey hey hey it’s the one and only Mr. DJ Drama AKA big balls
Easy dick melts in your mouth hand and her vagina
And I’m bringing you live with no surprise
The one and only YG and crooked soul mixtape
It’s called California living
This for everybody on Crenshaw this for everybody in Compton this for everybody in Long Beach
(Gangsta gangsta) big shouts to Barko and BD the general
Shouts to the bay area I mean the yay area
This for everybody banging when I do say bangning
I mean banging that music that YG has been making
For quite some time that quality street music you know who brings it to you well
It had to be only me DJ Drama once again big balls easy dick melts in your mouth her hand and her p*ssy(gangsta breezy)
Crooked soul that california living it’s YG it’s DJ Drama
It’s quality street music G funk style
Let’s get it started
Like we always do about this time

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