YG – Sprung



YG – Sprung

Hook: Teeflii

You’re flirting with me, I’m flirting with you
Let me feel all on you
Annie let’s stop playing around
Let me take you home and dick you down
And get you sprung on this
Get you sprung on this
Annie let me get you sprung on this
Yeah, get you sprung on this

Verse 1: YG

If I told that I love you I be lying to you
Cause if I loved you I’d be on that jet flying to you
Hold up, she got an ass like Pinky
Pretty bitch but she act so easty
Bam give it to her like bam
I ain’t from the Lou, but that pussy get ram
I got her screaming, moaning, hit it from the back
Had her home girls like he did that
I love bad bitches, that’s my fuckin problem
Bust nut 10 minutes, that’s my fuckin problem
Can you fuck like you twerk
If I do that pussy good, do you squirt! Hahaha

Hook: Teeflii
Verse 2: Teeflii

Annie, south central niggas turn you up
Real niggas in the hood twisting fingers up
You scared, I ain’t scared to beat the pussy up
Don’t play, no games, I tear it up
Pop that pussy for a hood nigga
Cause other Annies wishing that they were you
Girl I fuck your body, right in front of everybody
You’re kissing, scratching, biting me, all on the top of me, oho, yeah, oho

Hook: Teeflii

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