Tupac Interview


Album Just Re'd Up 2

Reporter: “What can we expect from 2Pac in ’92?”

2Pac: “STATIC. It’s gon’ be static for sure, cuz what the rap audience ain’t ready for is a real person, you know what I wanna say… a real N-I-G-G-A, I’m comin’ at ’em 100% real, I ain’t compromisin’ NATHAN, anybody that talk about me got problems, you know what I’m sayin’ it’s gonna be straight up, like as if I were a street-person, that’s how I’m comin’ at the whole world, and I’m bein’ real about it and I’ma grow with my music, the music I make now- my next album’s gonna be better and more slammin’, ya know what I’m sayin’, but at the same token I’ma be even that more potent next year, and I don’t want no garbage, anybody that talk about me, anybody dis Digital Underground, they got problems, cuz we large and we all over the country, anybody dis us they gonna get stomped, that’s word is bond cuz this is money, so anybody try to take away Digital Underground’s money as a whole, they got problems, we gon’ suffocate ’em.”

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